Are You Heading A Large Tribe Of Sellers? Do You Need Your Own Customized Functionality?

Let SellerLegend’s advanced architectural design serve your unique or specific functionality needs!

Say you are offering Amazon mentoring to many Amazon budding sellers, or offering Amazon training courses for a large community of sellers. You’ve always wanted to develop a system like SellerLegend to offer to your own members. But you shudder at the cost and the risk of such development.
Shudder no more: Instead of developing your own seller system, you can get a white label SellerLegend license and pretend it is your system. Your group members would be none the wiser, as all SellerLegend logos and trademarks would be removed and replaced with your logos and trademarks.
You are essentially private labeling SellerLegend! And of course, you would be able to set your own subscription prices, sell as many subscriptions as you want and keep all the subscription revenue.
Depending on the amount of separation you’d want between your instance and the plain-vanilla SellerLgend, you can chose one of two physical implementations of this white/private labeling concept.
The easiest/cheapest implementation would be for your version of SellerLegend to run on the same servers as the standard version. But trust us, while both instances run on the same machine, they are logically completely separated. In fact, we are already running 2 service providers on a single version of SellerLegend, so we know this concept works!
Or if you want total control and isolation, we can set-up and operate for you your own version of SellerLegend on a dedicated machine. We will be servicing and operating the dedicated server for you, as well as providing full technical support.
All YOU need to do is sell subscriptions to your version of SellerLegend, manage the collection of subscriptions and provide customer service. The rest is down to us!

Say you are an Amazon power seller. Over the years, you have developed your own in-house developed system.
We feel for you! You know how onerous and complex it is to maintain a homegrown solution and how difficult it is to find good, experienced development resources.
It is very likely that SellerLegend already covers 80 % of the functionality of your homegrown system, while offering many more features that your system does not have. However, there may be 20 % of features your system offers, which are indispensable for you to run your business and those essential features are not present in SellerLegend
We would be happy to discuss with you how we can develop any missing functionality that you would care to specify, on top of a plain-vanilla version of SellerLegend for you. This newly developed functionality would then exclusively be available to you and no other seller would have access to that functionality.
Needless to say, we would be happy to sign any reasonable non-disclosure and non-compete agreement to make sure your functional specifications are kept secret and confidential.

  • We operate the support lines 24 hours a day 5 days a week
  • On weekends we limited support for 12 hours a day 11 am to 11 pm London time BST (UTC +1)
  • The service is available 7 days a week, except UK/Pakistan Bank Holidays
  • The committed response time is within 24 hours in 95% of the instances
  • Our median first response time over the past 12 weeks (measured as of March 22 2019 – June 13 2019) is 5m 36s
  • The Median Time To Close/Resolve issues is 1h 34m over the same period
  • Now, having said that, when you do NOT get a response within those averages please don’t be offended. It’s not personal.
  • You can reach support by emailing us on or by using the in-app support button
  • When using the support button, you do not need to wait for our acknowledgement before asking your question. Please type your question and we will respond to it as soon as someone is available.

As many as you want. You are only limited by the number of Orders. As long as the sum total of all the orders for all your accounts does not exceed 100,000 per month, it does not matter how many accounts or marketplaces you carry in one SellerLegend account.
The benefit of having multiple accounts/marketplaces in one single SellerLegend account is that you only need one set of credentials to access them all. Also, you can compare KPIs across accounts/marketplaces.

If you want to be able to access the Refunds Manager (RM) feature and download all your Amazon seller data immediately without waiting for the end of your free trial period, here are the steps to do so: Log in to your account Click on the white head icon at the top right of your screen and in the drop down menu Click on Payments Once in the Payment Information screen, please click on the ‘Skip Trial Now‘ button Once you press the ‘Skip Trial Now‘ button, your credit card will be immediately charged for the paid monthly subscription and SellerLegend will begin downloading all of your Amazon seller account historical data. This will also automatically forfeit the unused portion of your free trial period. Important Note: While the additional data is downloading, the latest orders download will be stopped until all of your account’s historical data has been onboarded. This means that the dashboards and order screens will temporarily cease to be updated. Don’t worry though, SellerLegend will not lose any data during the process and will eventually catch up to the up-to-date account position.