How the Products Dashboard Helps You

Experience a fresh perspective on your Amazon listings and analyze them deeply to see how they impact the market. Organize existing products on your Amazon marketplace and find inspiration for new ones, all in one place!


Comprehensive Amazon Product List

Access a complete list of your products on Seller Central, including their listing details, offering you a clear overview of your inventory. See all the key details you need like buybox price and status, sales rank, FBA fees, and much more!


Interactive Product Widgets

All the information you need to make quick and effective decisions about each of your Amazon products is available in our vast array of interactive widgets. Touch all bases like financials, inventory, and sales performance of your Amazon store, all in a single glance.


Flexible Cost Of Goods Management

Utilize our comprehensive, and user-friendly Cost of Goods (COGS) management system to keep your Amazon store profitability accurate. Account for all past and present product costs by adding unlimited period-based cost elements, get automated averages, view average costs, and so much more!


Amazon Product Groups, Tags, and Nicknames

Organize your Seller Central products into distinct product groups, tag them with an unlimited number of identifiers, and assign convenient nicknames, all in one place. Enjoy tailored financial reporting, optimized listings, and simplified product tracking and organization for all your Amazon products.


Shipping and Miscellaneous Costs

See the full effect of your Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) orders on Amazon, and account for any miscellaneous and shipping costs. Having accurate assessment and complete control over your Seller Central FBA and other costs is only possible with SellerLegend.