• New Amazon Orders History Limit (March 2018)
  • Orders over 50,000/mo will be charged at $0.002/order
  • Please do note that the seller plan applicable will be based on the average number of orders over the past 2 months and will upgrade/downgrade organically in perpetuity irrespective of which plan is selected
Sync Unlimited Seller Central Accounts
Automatic Monthly Subscription Adjustment
Supports All NA, EU, FE Stores
You're Free! Cancel Easily, Any Time!
Sync Unlimited Seller Central Accounts***

Manage as many Amazon seller accounts and marketplaces as you want, as long as the sum total of the orders for all your accounts are within your pricing plan threshold limits. ***Fair Use Policy applies – All SellerCentral Accounts must belong to the same seller

Automatic Monthly Subscription Adjustment

Your subscription tier is recalculated every month based on order and SKU volume. If you exceed your pricing plan threshold limit, your billing tier is automatically adjusted to the next level for that month. But if you drop below the limit, then your billing tier will be adjusted to the lower level for that month.

Supports All NA, EU, AU and JP Stores

Access multiple Amazon accounts and marketplaces in one single SellerLegend account or one set of credentials. Yes, this also means you can compare KPIs across accounts/marketplaces.

Cancel Easily, At Any Time You Want

You can cancel at any time. If you cancel before the end of your trial, you will not be charged. Cancelling is easy and only requires one click of your mouse, you don’t even have to call us!