Best Amazon Seller Central KPIs

Experience a fresh perspective on your Amazon listings and analyze them deeply to see how they impact the market. Organize existing products on your Amazon marketplace and find inspiration for new ones, all in one place!


  • Access detailed and intuitive analytics to measure sales performance against your PPC strategy.

    Easily compare campaigns for each ad type to measure performance and make marketing decisions on the go.

  • Get comparative data to see how well your Amazon PPC campaigns are performing as compared to

    Identify areas of focus using filters and explore every Amazon PPC metric you could want.

  • Dedicated dashboards for Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display ads help you see performance results from every angle and utilize your funds more effectively.

    Use identifiers like Click-Through Rate (CTR), Average Cost for Clicks/Sales, Conversion Rates, and Amazon PPC Sales for each campaign to make critical decisions.

Custom Dashboard

  • Get access to Customer Lifetime Value, illustrating the total revenue generated from an individual customer's purchases.

    For Amazon sellers monitoring reseller activities, the dashboard highlights customers who have been marked as resellers, detailing their relevant

    Amazon sellers can add customized notes to a customer's profile, offering a space to record various insights or reminders concerning the customer.

    A summary of the rationale behind adding a customer to the watchlist is provided, allowing Amazon sellers to quickly understand the context of their monitoring activities.


  • Amazon sellers have the option to switch between individual accounts or group multiple accounts into a single marketplace group.

    Insights into top-selling products are available for Amazon sellers through the Best Sellers widget, which lists the top 10 performers.

    The Repeating vs. One-Time Customers widget helps Amazon sellers understand the proportion of repeat customers compared to one-time buyers.

  • Customer segmentation is made easier for Amazon sellers with a dedicated widget that categorizes customers into gold, silver, bronze, and other segments.

    Amazon sellers can track the performance of promotions and coupons directly from the Marketplace Dashboard, including revenue and units sold through these offers.

  • A holistic performance overview of the marketplace is accessible to Amazon sellers, allowing for comprehensive analysis and strategic decision-making.

    The Account Valuation widget offers Amazon sellers a financial estimation of their accounts/marketplaces' value.

  • A specialized widget for Returns Disposition is provided for Amazon sellers to keep track of return statuses in the selected marketplace.

    Amazon sellers can utilize the Customer Watchlist Summary to keep a tab on important customer activities within the selected marketplace.


  • The Product Dimensions and Volumetric Data widget presents Amazon sellers with the spatial attributes of their products.

    Financial details for each product are conveniently displayed within the Product Financial Data widget for Amazon sellers.

  • Amazon sellers can access a historical summary linking to the Product Listing Changes History screen, providing insights into past modifications.

    A historical view of the Cost of Goods Sold for products is readily available to Amazon sellers.

  • Specialized widgets for tracking promotions, coupons, refunds, and return rates are available for the selected product, aiding Amazon sellers in monitoring these metrics.

    The dashboard offers an Average Customer Cross-Sale data point, giving Amazon sellers information on additional purchases made by customers.

  • Customer segmentation for individual products is showcased in a dedicated widget, helping Amazon sellers understand their market distribution.

    A comprehensive table displaying the various price points at which the product has been sold is available for Amazon sellers to analyze pricing strategies.