How the Products Dashboard Helps You

Experience a fresh perspective on your Amazon listings and analyze them deeply to see how they impact the market. Organize existing products on your Amazon marketplace and find inspiration for new ones, all in one place!


Meet the Amazon Inventory Screen

Stay up to date on the latest stock levels of all your products on Seller Central and make sure your inventory never goes over or below the optimal level. Check inventory age level, restocking requirements, current stock levels at each point of operation, sales velocity, and recommendations on stock reordering for your Amazon store.


Inventory History at Your Fingertips

Want to see your FBA stock levels on a previous date and can’t find them on Amazon? SellerLegend has you covered! We save the historical stock data of all your products every day so you can have it ready to use when making comparisons and stocking decisions!


Financial Visibility With Monthly Valuation

Inventory-tied cost is a major factor in cash flow management, and our Monthly Valuation report lets you see exactly how much inventory is present in each Amazon fulfillment center with several key metrics. Easily manage future inventory orders and placement using the crucial data present here.


Restock Recommendation and Tracking

Business intelligence on SellerLegend is an integral part of inventory management and tracking. By using Amazon sellers’ sales performance and operational preferences, we offer actionable predictions on their restocking needs and help track Amazon FBA shipments.


Customizable Inventory Governance

SellerLegend gives Amazon sellers the ability to define custom parameters at the individual product level and determine how the forecasting and reordering process works. Set custom values for delivery lead time, minimum stock on hand, minimum order quantities, crate quantities and round-up rules, and sales velocity.