Sponsored Ads (PPC) Data Insights for Amazon Sellers | SellerLegend

Amazon PPC Dashboards

This feature allows Amazon Sellers to monitor their Amazon PPC campaigns effectively and with ease. It provides comprehensive PPC KPIs in both graphical and tabular formats, updated daily. This eliminates the need to manage cumbersome reports from Amazon Sponsored Ads Seller Central. Amazon Sellers can analyze their PPC sales, campaign performance, and effectiveness of keywords and search terms as well.


Dedicated Screens for Each Amazon Ad Type

With SellerLegend you can dive deep into your PPC performance without getting overwhelmed. Our segmented approach towards PPC means that you can make actionable decisions about each ad type for your Seller Central account. Whether it is Sponsored Product ads, Sponsored Brands ads, Sponsored Video ads, or Sponsored Display ads, we let you see all the information with none of the clutter to slow you down!


Campaign Performance Analysis

SellerLegend offers detailed analysis tools for evaluating Amazon PPC campaigns. Amazon Sellers can monitor all aspects of their PPC sales, understanding the performance of campaigns and product advertisements. This helps in gaining deeper insights into the effectiveness of advertising strategies. All PPC data displayed on PPC screens can also be downloaded for in-depth analysis and reporting, thereby aiding further in making informed decisions