Optimize FBA Storage and Shipments with Intelligent Restocking Recommendations

Amazon Sellers need to make sure that their products are always in stock without spending too much on FBA storage. Tie it in with SellerLegend’s intelligent restocking recommendations tool and you can manage your Amazon FBA storage and shipments like never before!


Monthly FBA Storage Fees Details

SellerLegend’s Monthly Storage Fees feature is a comprehensive tool that provides Amazon sellers with a detailed overview of their monthly FBA storage fees. It equips Amazon sellers with crucial insights into details like unit weight, dimensions, and volume, alongside storage rates. Average figures on Amazon FBA stock in fulfillment centers and pending removal orders.


Amazon Product Attributes Data

Amazon sellers can also access products' physical attributes data, such as weight and dimensions, and obtain Amazon fee estimates based on these metrics. This feature proves invaluable for Amazon sellers by providing clarity on Amazon storage costs. The actionable insights empower Amazon sellers to run an optimized and efficient inventory management system.


Create and Manage Shipments

SellerLegend lets Amazon sellers manage their inventory efficiently by offering a deeply effective and intuitive inventory management system. From managing products in your warehouses to creating shipments with highly detailed information, you can keep your supply chain operational and optimized while also utilizing easily accessible shipments data for quick decisions.


Warehouse Inventory Management

Always stay up to date on not only the inventory present in Amazon FBA warehouses, but also your own warehouses by adding them to SellerLegend. Now you can manage your entire business inventory in a single app and enjoy much better control over your products with intuitive shipment management and process automation where it is needed.