If you want to be able to access the Refunds Manager (RM) feature and download all your Amazon seller data immediately without waiting for the end of your free trial period, here are the steps to do so:
  • Log in to your account
  • at the top right of your screen and in the drop down menu
  • Click on Payments
  • Once in the Payment Information screen, please click on the ‘Skip Trial Now‘ button
Once you press the ‘Skip Trial Now‘ button, your credit card will be immediately charged for the paid monthly subscription and SellerLegend will begin downloading all of your Amazon seller account historical data. This will also automatically forfeit the unused portion of your free trial period. Important Note: While the additional data is downloading, the latest orders download will be stopped until all of your account’s historical data has been onboarded. This means that the dashboards and order screens will temporarily cease to be updated. Don’t worry though, SellerLegend will not lose any data during the process and will eventually catch up to the up-to-date account position.