Say you are offering Amazon mentoring to many Amazon budding sellers, or offering Amazon training courses for a large community of sellers. You’ve always wanted to develop a system like SellerLegend to offer to your own members. But you shudder at the cost and the risk of such development.
Shudder no more: Instead of developing your own seller system, you can get a white label SellerLegend license and pretend it is your system. Your group members would be none the wiser, as all SellerLegend logos and trademarks would be removed and replaced with your logos and trademarks.
You are essentially private labeling SellerLegend! And of course, you would be able to set your own subscription prices, sell as many subscriptions as you want and keep all the subscription revenue.
Depending on the amount of separation you’d want between your instance and the plain-vanilla SellerLgend, you can chose one of two physical implementations of this white/private labeling concept.
The easiest/cheapest implementation would be for your version of SellerLegend to run on the same servers as the standard version. But trust us, while both instances run on the same machine, they are logically completely separated. In fact, we are already running 2 service providers on a single version of SellerLegend, so we know this concept works!
Or if you want total control and isolation, we can set-up and operate for you your own version of SellerLegend on a dedicated machine. We will be servicing and operating the dedicated server for you, as well as providing full technical support.
All YOU need to do is sell subscriptions to your version of SellerLegend, manage the collection of subscriptions and provide customer service. The rest is down to us!