Report Generation and Data Import

Generate different types of reports, customize them according to your preferences, and create multiple schedules to download reports automatically. Import COGS, Product Settings, FBM fees, and more with our bulk upload feature.


Export Amazon Customized Analytical Reports

SellerLegend empowers Amazon sellers with the capability to seamlessly access and download in-depth analytical reports in both CSV and XLS formats. These reports encompass a wide array of critical Amazon data, including order details, sales performance, revenue insights, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) analytics, shipment details, and comprehensive Profit and Loss (P&L) analysis. With SellerLegend, users can effortlessly export and utilize these reports to gain valuable insights into their Amazon operations, make data-driven decisions, and optimize their strategies for success in the competitive Amazon marketplace.


Scheduled Creation of Customized Analytical Reports

Elevate your Amazon selling game with SellerLegend's powerful analytics and reporting tools. SellerLegend provides Amazon sellers with a comprehensive suite of features to optimize their businesses. From order and sales data analysis to revenue insights, PPC campaign tracking, shipment monitoring, and profit and loss reports, SellerLegend empowers sellers with valuable insights. With the ability to schedule analytical reports and export data in CSV and XLS formats, amazon sellers can make data-driven decisions and supercharge Amazon business. Discover the key to success in the competitive world of Amazon Marketplace with SellerLegend.


Import Reports for Bulk Actions on SellerLegend

SellerLegend offers Amazon sellers a convenient bulk import process for managing operational data. This process includes downloading templates for Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), Other Operating Expenses, and Shipping Costs for FBM/FBA orders. Sellers fill in these templates with relevant data and upload them back to the platform. This efficient method allows for the easy handling of significant financial information in bulk, streamlining the management of product costs, operating expenses, and shipping costs.